How to Download Python step by step | What will Python do?

Python information Step By Step

The programming language Python was invented in the late 1980s, and its implementation was started in December 1989 by Guido van Rossum at CWI in the Netherlands as a successor to ABC able of exception handling and interfacing with the Amoeba operating system.

It is used for:

  • web development (server-side),
  • software development, mathematics, system scripting.
  • ML, DS, AI, etc.

What will Python do?

  • Python is used on a server to format applications.
  • Python is used aboard computer code to form workflows.
  • Python will hook up with information systems. It can even browse and modify files.
  • Python is accustomed handle huge information and performs advanced arithmetic.
  • Python is used for fast prototyping, or for production-ready computer code development.

Why Python?

  • Python works on completely different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc).
  • Python features easy syntax just like the English language.
  • Python has a syntax that permits developers to write down programs with fewer lines than other programming languages.
  • Python runs on an Associate in Nursing interpreter system, which means that code is dead as before long because it is written. this suggests that prototyping is terribly fast.
  • Python is treated in a procedural mannerAssociate in Nursing object-orientated manner, or a purposeful manner.
  • Good to grasp
  • The most recent major version of Python is Python 3, which we have a tendency to shall be victimization during this tutorial. However, Python 2, though not being updated with something aside from security updates, continues to be quite common

Download Python:

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