Is HTML a Programming Language with Codes

How is html a programming language?

htm codes
html codes

Technically, HTML is a programming language. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. Which is essentially the most broadly used language on the Web to develop web pages. It (HTML) was created by Berners-Lee in late 1991. Therefore, “HTML 2.0” was the major customary HTML specification that was print-ed in 1995. HTML 4.01 was a serious model of HTML and it was print-ed in late 1999. Although HTML 4.01 model is broadly used, however presently we’re having HTML 5 model. Which is an extension to HTML 4.01, and this model was printed in 2012.

Why it is very important to learn a html programming language ?

Is html a programming language
Is html a programming language

yes htm is a programming language.Initially, HTML was develop-ed with the intent of defining the construction of document like headings, paragraphs, lists,and so forth to facilitate the sharing of scientific info between researchers. Now, HTML is being broadly used to format web_pages with the assistance of various tags obtainable in HTML language.

  • HTML is a MUST for college students and dealing professionals to grow to be amazing Software program Engineers specifically. When they’re working in Net Growth Area. I’ll record down among the key benefits of studying HTML:
  • Create Web page – You may create an internet site or customize a current internet template if you already know HTML effectively.
  • Turn out to be an internet designer – If you wish to begin a career as a knowledgeable internet designer, HTML and CSS designing is a should ability.
  • Perceive internet – If you wish to optimize your website, to spice up its pace and efficiency, it’s good to know HTML to yield the finest outcomes.
  • Study different languages – When you understand the essentials of HTML then different associated applied sciences like javascript, PHP, or angular are grown to be simpler to know.

Html codes

Some html codes is gave beneath for examples objective. Whereas writing html codes we should have to wright first <!DOCTYPE html>. in html codes 2nd half might be <html> </html>. Then on this html coding we are able to write different tags like head, physique, and so on. Simply to offer you somewhat pleasure about HTML. I will offer you a small standard HTML Good day World program, You may strive it utilizing Demo hyperlink.

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <title> That is doc title </title>
This is Body. Therefore, you can wright any thing here.
      <h1>It is a heading</>
      <p>Good day World!</p>

Purposes of HTML programming language

  • As said earlier, HTML is, without doubt, one of the most generally used languages over the web. I will record a few of them right here:
  • Web page improvement – HTML is used to create pages that are rendered over the net. Virtually each web page of the internet is having HTML tags in it to render its particulars in the browser.
  • Internet Navigation – HTML supplies tags that are used to navigate from one web page to a different and are closely utilized in web navigation.
  • Responsive UI – HTML pages nowadays works effectively on all platform, cell, tabs, desktop or laptops owing to responsive design technique.
  • Offline help HTML pages as soon as loaded may be made obtainable offline on the machine with none want for web.
  • Recreation development- HTML5 has native help for wealthy expertise and is now helpful in the gaming development environment as effectively.

Viewers ( is html a programming language)

This HTML tutorial is design-ed for the aspiring Web Designer and Developer with a necessity to know the HTML in sufficient element together with its easy overview, and sensible examples. This tutorial gives you sufficient components to begin with HTML from the place you possibly can take your self at greater degree of experience.


Earlier than continuing with this tutorial it is best to have a fundamental working information with Home windows or Linux working system, moreover you should be conversant in

  • Expertise with any textual content editor like notepad, notepad++, or Edit plus and so on.
  • The best method to create directories and information in your pc.
  • The best way to navigate via completely different directory.
  • The best way to sort content material in a file and save them on a laptop.
  • Understanding about photos in several codecs like JPEG, PNG and so on format.

HTML is for the hypertext markup language and is the most commonly used language for writing web pages.

Hypertext refers to the way in which web pages (HTML documents) are linked together. Thus, the link available on the webpage is call-ed hypertext.

As its name suggests, HTML is a markup language which means that you only use HTML to “mark-up” a text document with a tag that tells the web browser how to do it. To be displayed.

Originally, HTML was developed with the intention of defining the structure of documents such as headings, paragraphs, lists, and in addition, facilitating the sharing of scientific information between researchers.

Now, HTML is being widely used to format web pages with the help of various tags available in the HTML language.

Original HTML Document

In its simplest form, the following is an example of an HTML document –

<! DOCTYPE html>
<title> This is the document title </title>
<h1> this is a title </>
<p> Document content goes here ..... </p>


Html tag, Original HTML Document

Html tag

As stated earlier, HTML is a markup language and uses various tags to format the content. These tag angles are enclosed within braces <tag name>. Except for a few tags, most tags have their respective closing tags. For example, <html> has its own closing tag </html> and <body> tag has its own closing tag </body> tag etc.

The following tag is us-ed in the example above the HTML document –

Html tags and description


Html tags defines the document type and HTML version.


Html tags encloses a full HTML document and mainly includes the document header represented by <head> … </head> and the document body represented by the <body> … </body> tag goes.


This tag represents the header of the document that can hold other HTML tags such as <title>, <link>, etc.


The <title> tag is used inside the <head> tag to refer to the document title.


This tag represents the body of the document that holds other HTML tags such as <h1>, <div>, <p> etc.


This tag indicates heading.


This tag represents a paragraph.

To learn HTML, you will need to study various tags and understand how they behave when drafting a text document. Learning HTML is simple because users have to learn the use of various tags to format text or images to create beautiful web pages.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommends using lowercase tags starting with HTML 4.

HTML document structure

A typical HTML document will have the following structure –



Document header related tag



Document Body Related Tags



We will study all the headers and body tags in later chapters, but now let’s see what the document declaration html tags is.

<! DOCTYPE> Announcement

To understand the version of HTML used in the document, the web browser <! The DOCTYPE> declaration tag is used. The current version of HTML is 5 and uses the following declaration –

<! DOCTYPE html>

There are many other declaration types that can be used in an HTML document depending on which version of HTML is being used. We will see more details on the </ DOCTYPE …> tag as well as other HTML tags.

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