Manisha Rani’s Brand New Car Vlog: 22Lakh

Hey everyone! We are thrilled to present to you Manisha Rani’s brand new car vlog. In this exciting video, Manisha takes us on a journey to witness her first-ever car. This day and this moment were incredibly special for her, and she couldn’t wait to share this experience with all of us. So, without further ado, watch the vlog and let us know what you think in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to Manisha Rani’s channel and follow her on Facebook and Instagram for more amazing content. Get ready to be entertained!

Welcome to my Youtube channel with over 1 million daily viewers. How are you all doing? Hope your day is going great. I am gifting myself something very special today. We have already left Mumbai as our flight is at 1 PM and we will be in Delhi at 4 PM. Let’s see what we do there for Christmas. The airport is beautifully decorated, and you can see it in the video. Have you ever played Ludo on your mobile? We used to play it before, but you won’t believe it – I had a record in Ludo. We were the best players and used to win every time. But today’s game was so much fun. In the last moment, we were about to win but alas, I got killed and my piece was right at the end. He would have won with one more move, but he couldn’t make it in time. We died completely and came out with a “Yakub’s” face (laughs). Kala killed him and Nachle Congratulation Money. I didn’t write Manisha Rani, but Winner Player to Winner Green was mine. Look, the green one was mine, and now we are going to eat because we are very hungry. Then we will go to the car showroom to see the car, and after that, we are going to meet. And now our food has arrived, and we are the ones who are going to eat Chole Bhature. Good afternoon, everybody! It’s the second day in Delhi, and today is a very special day for me. Today, another dream of mine is about to come true. Today is like a day we have been waiting for a very long time. And today, we have a big surprise for all my fans, my family, and my friends. I am gifting myself 10 million gifts. Finally, Manisha is going to buy that thing! And now we are ready. You will see our full look on the other side. Looking pretty, Neeti. Hi, Neeti! Welcome to my Youtube channel with 1 million likes. You are celebrating 10 million in Delhi! I am very happy because today is another dream coming true for me. Today is like this day for which we have been waiting for so long. And today, a big surprise is going to be revealed to all my fans, my family, and my friends. I am gifting 10 million gifts to myself. Finally, Manisha is going to buy that thing, and we are ready to go. You will get to see our food now, and now we are going to eat. Chole Bhature! Hey guys! Welcome to my Youtube channel. How are you all doing? Hope you are having a great day. I am feeling so blessed and lucky today because one more of my dreams is about to come true. Today is like this day for which we have been waiting for so many days, and today we are doing a big celebration. I am gifting 10 million gifts to myself. Finally, Manisha is going to buy that thing (laughs). And now we are all set, and you will get to see our full look. Looking pretty, right? Neeti, hi! Hi, lovely people! We have arrived in Delhi for lunch. We are very hungry after that car showroom visit. Now we will meet each other and have some nice food. Hi, guys! How are you all doing? Hope you are having a great day. This is one of the big days of my life. I am super happy because today another dream of mine is about to come true. I am so excited like I can’t even express it in words. For this day, we have been waiting for a very long time, and today we are going to do something very special. We are gifting 10 million gifts to myself. So, finally, Manisha is going to buy that thing, and now we are all set. You can see our full look on the other side. Looking pretty, Neeti. Hi, guys! Welcome to my Youtube channel with 1 million likes. We are celebrating 10 million in Delhi only, right? Actually, the 10 million party is still pending, which we will do in Mumbai. But the 10 million has already done before in Delhi, right? And thank you so much, seriously. Thank you so much for making 10 million on this video (praise). Thank you, thank you. Don’t do this from behind, come here (laughs). Come here, take this. Thank you so much to everyone for making 10 million on this video. I hope you all enjoy it. Thank you for your support and love. We will have 50 million together, right? You guys also follow my wife, girlfriend, everyone – we need your support. Then only, my 50 million will happen. We have also seen this in a movie before. When it comes out in the market, it will be very unique and beautiful.

Which car is this?

Mini Cooper! This Mini Cooper convertible is Rs 22 lakh. Okay, and who is the owner of this car? Me and my brother, Malik Brothers, love it. Amit is in it (laughs). Brother, you are making this, right? Number one! I am also number one in Royal (laughs). Wonderful! We will finish in Dubai, right? Yes, absolutely. Just show this car, Yellow one. This is the Yellow Mini Cooper, convertible. This umber-haired (laughs) is such a special guy. He knows how to rap. It’s in my video too. (Sings) Let’s start with this red car, which is this red car? This is a Mercedes 600, right? Is this Mercedes 600? Yes, this is a 600 Make. Okay, okay. What is the price of this car? This is Rs 3.60 crore. But, we were going to buy this car, but it’s a bit cheaper. Alright, guys, take care. Bye!!

Manisha Ranis Brand New Car Vlog

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Welcome to our comprehensive article about Manisha Rani’s vlog and her brand new car! In this article, we will take you through Manisha Rani’s journey of purchasing her first car, the brand and model of the car, its features and specifications, a comparison with other cars, and Manisha Rani’s reaction to her new car. So sit back, relax, and join us as we share this special experience with you!

About Manisha Rani’s Vlog

Manisha Rani is a popular YouTuber known for her comedy videos. She has gained a large following on her channel, where she shares funny sketches, vlogs, and entertaining content. Her vlogs, in particular, have become a sensation among her fans, as they allow her audience to get a closer look into her life and experiences.

In this particular vlog, Manisha Rani shares an exciting and special moment with her audience – the purchase of her first car. She expresses her gratitude to her fans for their continuous support and invites them to join her in this memorable journey.

Sharing the Special Experience

Manisha Rani goes on to explain how special this moment is for her. Purchasing a car is a significant milestone in anyone’s life, and for her, it marks a new chapter filled with excitement and possibilities. She expresses her joy and eagerness to share this experience with her fans, who have been an integral part of her journey.

The vlog takes the viewers on a journey with Manisha Rani as she embarks on a trip to Mumbai for the purchase of her car. She shares snippets of her time at the airport, showcasing the festive decorations done for Christmas. She also mentions playing Ludo on her phone and how she used to be a champion at the game.

As the vlog progresses, Manisha Rani and her crew arrive in Mumbai and make their way to the car showroom. The anticipation builds as they approach the showroom, and the viewers get a glimpse of the luxurious cars on display.

Subscribe to Manisha Rani’s Channel

Before diving into the details of Manisha Rani’s car purchase journey, she kindly reminds her viewers to subscribe to her channel. By subscribing, viewers can stay updated on her latest videos and support her in her comedic endeavors. She also invites her audience to follow her on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for additional content and behind-the-scenes insights.

Manisha Ranis Brand New Car Vlog

Manisha Rani’s Journey to Purchase the Car

Manisha Rani shares her excitement about the journey to purchase her first car. She mentions that they had already taken a flight from Mumbai to Delhi, where they would explore the options available and make the final decision. This trip is a significant undertaking, as it involves selecting a car that perfectly matches her preferences and requirements.

As the vlog continues, Manisha Rani and her team arrive at the car showroom in Delhi. She expresses her awe at the variety of cars on display and her eagerness to find the one that captures her heart. The viewers get a glimpse of the lavish showroom, with rows of gleaming cars enticingly awaiting their new owners.

The Brand and Model of the Car

After building anticipation, Manisha Rani finally reveals the brand and model of her brand new car. She proudly announces that she has purchased a Mercedes, a luxury car brand known for its elegance and performance. The viewers are treated to shots of the car’s exterior, highlighting its sleek design and stylish features.

Manisha Ranis Brand New Car Vlog

Features and Specifications of the Car

In this section, Manisha Rani delves into the features and specifications of her new car. She expresses her admiration for the car’s powerful engine, spacious interior, and advanced technology. Some of the features she highlights include the comfortable seating, touchscreen display, safety features, and the impressive sound system.

She emphasizes the importance of safety and mentions that the car is equipped with various safety features such as airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS), and parking sensors. These features provide peace of mind and ensure a secure driving experience.

Comparison with Other Cars

Manisha Rani acknowledges that there are various car options available in the market and briefly compares her new Mercedes with other cars. She highlights the key differences that make her car stand out, such as its luxurious design, advanced technology, and superior performance.

While she acknowledges that each car has its unique features and appeals to different preferences, she expresses her satisfaction with her choice and affirms that her Mercedes meets all her requirements and more.

Manisha Rani’s Reaction to the Car

The highlight of the vlog is Manisha Rani’s reaction to her brand new car. She excitedly shares her first impressions, expressing her love and appreciation for the car. The viewers witness her joy as she takes a seat behind the wheel and explores the different features of her new ride.

Manisha Rani takes the viewers on a virtual tour of the car’s interior, showcasing its luxurious appointments, comfortable seating, and innovative technology. She shares her excitement about the car’s performance and how it enhances her overall driving experience.


In conclusion, Manisha Rani’s vlog about her brand new car provides an engaging and entertaining experience for her viewers. From the journey of purchasing the car to the revelation of the brand and model, she takes her fans along for the ride. The vlog captures her excitement and genuine appreciation for this milestone in her life.

As fans and viewers, we can’t help but share in Manisha Rani’s joy and enthusiasm. Her journey serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing the rewards that hard work, dedication, and the support of loved ones can bring. We wish Manisha Rani many happy and safe journeys in her new car, and we look forward to more exciting content on her channel. Don’t forget to subscribe and join her on this comedic adventure!

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