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Python Dictionary Update method with example

 Dictionary in Python is an unordered group of data values, used to store data values like a map, which, unlike other data types that carry only a single value as an element, Python dictionary holds pair. In Python Dictionary update method updates the dictionaries with the elements from different dictionary object or from an iterable of key/value pairs.

It uses to replace what is already is used and add more data to dictionaries



Python dictionary update method Example 

user_info = {'name': 'pramod', 'age': 22, 'rollno': '17691a05b9', 'class': 'B-Tech'}
print(f'Before to update userinformation:{user_info}')
more_info={'name':'pramod kumar yadav','state': 'Janakpur','country':'Nepal'}
print(f'After update user information{user_info}')


C:\Users\Pramod\PycharmProjects\pythonProject\venv\Scripts\python.exe C:/Users/Pramod/PycharmProjects/pythonProject/
Before to update userinformation:{'name': 'pramod', 'age': 22, 'rollno': '17691a05b9', 'class': 'B-Tech'}
more_info={'name': 'pramod kumar yadav', 'state': 'Janakpur', 'country': 'Nepal'}
After update user information{'name': 'pramod kumar yadav', 'age': 22, 'rollno': '17691a05b9', 'class': 'B-Tech', 'state': 'Janakpur', 'country': 'Nepal'}

Process finished with exit code 0
Python Dictionary Update method


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Pramod Kumar Yadav is from Janakpur Dham, Nepal. He was born on December 23, 1994, and has one elder brother and two elder sisters. He completed his education at various schools and colleges in Nepal and completed a degree in Computer Science Engineering from MITS in Andhra Pradesh, India. Pramod has worked as the owner of RC Educational Foundation Pvt Ltd, a teacher, and an Educational Consultant, and is currently working as an Engineer and Digital Marketer.

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