The Company Information page is where you can find:

In this tutorial, we will see the solution to the question called “The Company Information page is where you can find:” from the module called Salesforce Platform Basics.

Salesforce Platform Basics: Navigate Setup

In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:

  • Find the Setup and recognize its key components.
  • Recognize significant menus for tweaking your organization.
  • Utilize Quick Find to get to menu things.

Arrangement: Your New Work Home

Prior, we referenced that you’ll invest a great deal of energy in Setup during your time as a Salesforce executive. What’s more, we weren’t joking. The arrangement is your all-in-one resource for altering, designing, and supporting your organization.

Since there’s such a lot you can do in the Setup territory, it’s imperative to get settled with exploring it. There are a couple of approaches to moving toward it. As you realize what’s accessible to you, you’ll get more open to finding the things you need.

You can get to Setup from any page in your Salesforce organization. From the stuff menu at the highest point of the screen ( The stuff symbol to open Setup.), click Setup. How about we get comfortable with the Setup territory?

The standard perspective on Setup’s homepage.

Article Manager: Object Manager is where you can see and modify standard and custom items in your organization.

Arrangement Menu: The menu gives you brisk connections to an assortment of pages that let you do everything from dealing with your clients to adjusting security settings.

Principle Window: We’re showing you the Setup landing page, however, this is where you can see whatever it is you’re attempting to deal with.

A) The Company Information page is where you can find:

I.Your org ID
II.Licenses available and in use
III.Information on important limits such as data and file usage
IV.All of the above

B) What are the three main categories in the Setup menu?

C) What is an easy way to find what you’re looking for in the Setup menu?

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