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Learn about Salesforce Parity Groups| Trailhead Salesforce Answers

Learning Objectives
After completing this unit, you will be able to do the following:

Trailhead Salesforce Answers

Describe the vision for Salesforce similarity groups.
Explain how equality groups create a more diverse and inclusive culture.


At Salesforce, our way of life is worked around the Hawaiian idea of Ohana, which implies family. Ohana is a profound established emotionally supportive network inside our organization that we sustain from our workers to our clients, our accomplices and our networks.

This worth is installed in our value gatherings. These are worker driven and representative coordinated gatherings revolved around basic beneficial encounters or foundations and their associates. Their main goal is to make balance a reality inside Salesforce and the networks wherein we live and work.Learn About the Salesforce Equality Groups| Trailhead Salesforce Answers


Salesforce is a spot for representatives, all things considered. Abilityforce joins individuals with apparent and undetectable incapacities, workers with friends and family who are debilitated, and accomplices. We work to guarantee that our physical and mechanical conditions are available and planned by creating and executing inventive practices that address the requirements of clients and representatives. We need to develop a culture where all representatives feel engaged by their capacities and abilities and work to propel the discourse on our organization’s effort and lodging systems.


We are a gathering of veterans, groups of administration individuals, and partners energetic about supporting our military. We work to guarantee that our organization approaches are capable and help regular citizens and families change to nonmilitary personnel life. Our central goal is to advance equity through enlistment, business, preparing, and coaching of veterans from all branches and all nations of administration. Vetforce gives a proficient turn of events and administration openings inside our organization, and our individuals effectively run after progressing and supporting veterans in our more extensive communities.

WINDforce is an overall local area addressing the Indigenous Network of Diversity. Our work is devoted to instruction, commitment, coordinated effort, and information imparting to the point of respecting and celebrating native individuals and their societies all throughout the planet. Our main goal is to look for the consequences of self-assurance, truth-information, and commitment to the more extensive economy and mechanical advancement. The breeze is frequently considered by Indigenous people group to be a worldwide language and to respect its force, so we have inserted the idea in this gathering as a string that associates us all.

QNA: Learn About the Salesforce Equality Groups| Trailhead Salesforce Answers

Solution of these two question

A) The mission of Salesforce Ohana Groups is:

B) Ohana Groups at Salesforce:

A) The mission of Salesforce Ohana Groups is:

i)To learn more about Salesforce
ii)To host happy hours for employees
iii)Only for underrepresented groups to meet and connect
iv)To make Equality a reality both inside Salesforce and the communities in which we live and work

B) Ohana Groups at Salesforce:

i)Meet every month
ii)Are mandatory for employees
iii)Are employee-led groups for employees with common life experiences or backgrounds and their allies
iv)Plan offsite events and meetings

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