Module: Cross-Cloud Customer Identity and Data Management for Salesforce B2C Commerce

A.Enable Unified Customer Identity

Qn.1)After NTO implements unified cross-cloud identity, which type of customer data is stored in Community Cloud?

I)Wish lists
II)Payment information
IV)Email address
V)C and D
[showhide type=”post1″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= V)C and D [/showhide]

Qn.2)True or false: In NTO’s Embedded Login solution, a connected app maintains the connection between the community and storefront site after the user logs in.

[showhide type=”post2″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= I)True [/showhide]

B.Manage Customer Data Across Clouds

Qn.1)What’s one advantage of using person accounts to manage cross-cloud data?

I)They automatically logically group multiple customers into one record.
II)They can handle a mix of B2B and B2C functionality.
III)They’re the only Salesforce object that generates a unique ID.
IV)A and C
[showhide type=”post3″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= II)They can handle a mix of B2B and B2C functionality. [/showhide]

Qn.2)What’s one other possible data model for identifying customers across clouds?

I)A spreadsheet
II)Accounts and Contacts
IV)Einstein Analytics
[showhide type=”post4″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= II)Accounts and Contacts [/showhide]

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