Tuple without parentheses| Tuple unpacking | list inside tuple Python

Tuple without parentheses, Tuple unpacking, list inside tuple Python

What is tuple in python? with example

A tuple is a collection that is ordered and is immutable. Python is written in tuples with small brackets. Python tuple is used in python tuple to embrace an immutable object. Python tuple is similar to lists except in certain situations. Python tuple is immutable means that it cannot be modified throughout the program.

List and tuple are arguably Python’s most versatile, useful data types. You will see them in virtually every undisputed Python program

Sunn = ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’, ‘four’

print (type (numb))

# <Class ‘tuple’>

Tuple without parentheses

Tuple packing and unpacking

Python has a very powerful tuple assignment feature that assigns the right-hand side of value to the left-hand side. In another way, it is called unpacking the top of values ​​in a variable. In packing, we insert values ​​into a new tuple while in unpacking we extract those values ​​into a single variable.

Tuples in Python (Video 32)

How to Creating tuple without using parenthesis in Python


f_name,m_name,l_name = name

print(‘first name is:’,f_name)

# OutPut = first name is: pramod

print(“middle name is:”,m_name)

# OutPut = middle name is: kumar

print(“last name is:”,l_name)

# OutPut = last name is: yadav

How do you access the tuple inside the list?

The value inside the tuple is simply a reference to a list, and if I change the values in the list then everything is still in order, right? I want to make sure that if I do this I will not start running into misleading errors

Examples of Python List of Tuples 

favorites = (‘apple’,[‘tomato’,‘potato’])



# OutPut = (‘apple’, [‘tomato’])



# OutPut = (‘apple’, [‘tomato’, ‘cauliflower’])

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