Create Object Relationships – Data Modeling

Create Object Relationships – Data Modeling

Learning Objectives

In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:

Characterize the various kinds of item relationships and their common use cases.

Make or adjust a query relationship.

Make or adjust an expert detail relationship.

What Are Object Relationships?

By and by that we’re OK with items and fields, it’s an ideal chance to take things to the accompanying level with object connections. Thing connections are an extraordinary field type that interfaces two items together.

We ought to think about a standard thing like Account. If a specialist opens a record, they’ve probably been talking several people at that record’s association. They’ve apparently made contacts like bosses or IT directors and set aside those contacts’ information in Salesforce.

It looks good, by then, that there should be an association between the Account object and the Contact object. Also, there is!

Exactly when you look at a record in Salesforce, you can see that there’s a fragment for contacts on the Related tab. You can similarly see that there’s a trick that permits you quickly to add a contact to a record.

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