Understand Custom & Standard Objects – Data Modeling

Understand Custom and Standard Objects – Hands-on Challenge

Learning Objectives

Subsequent to finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:

Portray the advantages of utilizing objects on the Salesforce platform.

Clarify the contrast between standard objects and custom objects.

Rundown the sorts of custom fields an item can have.

Outline of Objects

DreamHouse is a realty organization that gives an approach to customers to search for homes and contact realtors on the web. DreamHouse dealers utilize a portion of Salesforce’s standard usefulness, similar to contacts and leads, to follow home purchasers.

Be that as it may, with regards to selling houses, there are much more things they need to follow. For instance, Salesforce does exclude a standard method to follow properties. How is DreamHouse expected to realize which homes they have available to be purchased or what amount each home expenses?

Fortunately, the Salesforce administrator, D’Angelo, realizes that the Salesforce platform offers an answer. We’ll work with D’Angelo to perceive what he’s structure.

How about we start with the information model. An information model is pretty much what it seems like. It’s a method to show what information base tables resemble such that bodes well to people.

Understand Custom and Standard Objects - Hands-on Challenge
create a customer object
Understand Custom and Standard Objects - Hands-on Challenge
create a custom field
Understand Custom and Standard Objects - Hands-on Challenge
Hands-on Challenge

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