Work with Schema Builder -Data Modeling

Work with Schema Builder Data Modeling

Learning Objectives

  • Depict the upsides of using Schema Builder for information demonstrating.
  • Utilize Schema Builder to make a schema for a given article model.
  • Utilize Schema Builder to add a custom item to your schema.
  • Utilize Schema Builder to add a custom field to your schema.

Make an Object with Schema Builder

You can likewise make objects utilizing Schema Builder. On the off chance that you like, you can make objects in this visual interface in case you’re planning your framework and need to have the option to reconsider all your customizations on the spot. How about we perceive how it’s finished.

In the left sidebar, click the Elements tab.

Snap Object and drag it onto the material.

Insert data about your article. You can make it anything you desire!

Snap Save.

Your new article shows up in the Schema Builder. That was fast! Then, we should add a few fields.

Make Fields with Schema Builder

Making fields with Schema Builder is actually similar to making objects.

From the Elements tab, pick a field type and drag it onto the item you just made. Notice that you can build relationship fields, equation fields, and typical fields in Schema Builder.

Round out the insights regarding your new field.

Snap Save.

Cool! On the off chance that you revisit Object Manager, you’ll see your new article appears a related way your Property, Offer, and Favorite objects do.

Work with Schema Builder Data Modeling Data Modeling
Work with Schema Builder

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