Generate a List and Tuple with Comma-Separated Numbers

Generate a list and tuple with comma-separated numbers

List in python Example:

A list is a container that holds comma-separated values ​​(items or elements) between class brackets, where items or elements are not required to all have the same type. In general, we can define a list as an object that contains many data items (elements). The contents of a list can be changed during program execution. The size of a list can also change during execution, as elements are added or removed.

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Tuple in Python Example:

A tuple container is a series of values ​​(objects or elements) separated by commas between parentheses (eg, y) co-ordinate. Tuples are like lists, except that they are immutable (ie you cannot change the content once created) and can hold Mix data types.

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List and Tuple in Python

Suppose the following input is supplied to the program: 34, 67, 55, 33, 12, 98. Then, the output should be: [’34’, ’67’, ’55’, ’33’, ’12’, ’98’] (’34’, ’67’, ’55’, ’33’, ’12’, ’98’).


A program that accepts a sequence of comma-separated numbers from the console and generates a list and a tuple which contains every number.


  • Step1: start
  • Step2: read the input numbers from the console
  • Step3: Split the input values into a list and assign them to a variable1.
  • Step4: make the list as a tuple and assign it to variable2.
  • Step5: print List
  • Step6:Print Tuple.
  • Step7:End

List in Python Program:


variable = values. split(",")

print( variable1 )
>>>  34,67,55,33,12,98
['34', '67', '55', '33', '12', '98']

Tuple in Python Program:


variable2 = tuple( values )

print( variable2 )
('1', ',', '2', ',', '3', ',', '4', ',', '5', ',', '6', ',', '7', ',', '8', ',', '9')
list and tuple in python
list and tuple in python

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