Inclusive Leadership Practices | Trailhead Salesforce Module Answer

module: Inclusive Leadership Practices

A.Cultivate a Culture of Equality with Inclusive Leadership

Qn.1) What does inclusive leadership mean?

I)Making sure your direct reports are happy
II)Gaining consensus from everyone on projects and initiatives
III)Establishing team goals and priorities
IV)Leading for all of your employees, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, religious affiliation, ability, or sexual orientation
V)Hiring the most qualified candidate for the job
[showhide type=”post1″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= IV)Leading for all of your employees, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, religious affiliation, ability, or sexual orientation[/showhide]

Qn.2) Which of the following are core principles of inclusive leadership?

I)Give permission
II)Lead with Equality
III)Have brave, authentic conversations
IV)Promote your favorite employees
V)B and C
[showhide type=”post2″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= V)B and C[/showhide]

B.Understand the Business Impact of Inclusive Leadership

Qn.1)Which of the following are examples of the power of inclusion?

I)When you enter a room and you feel like you don’t have to check any part of yourself at the door
II)When you work for a company where everyone looks like you
III)When you feel your unique characteristics are something to keep hidden
IV)When you know you can raise your voice and be unequivocally heard
V)A and D
[showhide type=”post3″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= V)A and D [/showhide]

Qn.2)Why is inclusive leadership important?

I)Increases employee engagement
II)Eliminates disagreements
III)Increases employee turnover
IV)Reduces unemployment
[showhide type=”post4″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer=I)Increases employee engagement [/showhide]

C.Practice the Five Principles of Inclusive Leadership

Qn.1)Who is impacted by the five principles of inclusive leadership?

I)Managers only
II)Individual contributors only
III)Underrepresented groups only
IV)Executives only
V)Everyone in the company
[showhide type=”post5″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= V)Everyone in the company[/showhide]

Qn.2)The first inclusive leadership principle is “lead with Equality.” Which of the following is an example of how to lead with Equality?

I)Only interview women when recruiting
II)Hire only individuals from underrepresented groups
III)Promote all employees
IV)Add Equality to your goals
V)Reward only extroverts
[showhide type=”post6″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= IV)Add Equality to your goals[/showhide]

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