python Limitations, flavors, Versions, identifier, and reserved keywords

limitations of python programming language

The limitation of Python is:

  • Mobile application – There is no more library to build android applications
  • Enterprise applications – We can’t build applications like banking, telecom applications, etc. because there is no more library.
  • Performance is low – before the performance was slow but now due to JIT Compiler + PVM Speed improved.

Flavors of Python

There are different flavors in python. Those are

  • CPython – Which is used to work with C Language.
  • Jython/JPython – Which is used to work with Java Language.
  • Iron Python – Which is used to work with C#, .net
  • Ruby Python – To work with Ruby language.
  • Anaconda Python – Which is used to work with ML, DS, AI, IoT. Its works with a large volume of data.
  • Stackless – Python for concurrency
  • PyPy – Python of speed. It contains a JIT compiler to speed the Program.

What are the versions of Python?

Python 0.9.0 à feb/ 20th / 1991

Python 1.0 à jan/ 1994

Python 2.0 à oct/16th/2000 (Py2k)

Python 3.0 à dec/3rd /2008 (Py3k)

what is Python Identifier?

Python identifier is a name used to identify a variable, function, class, module, or other objects. An identifier starts with a letter A to Z or a to z or an underscore (_) followed by zero or more letters, underscores, and digits (0 to 9).

Python Identifier


a = 10 #where a is identifier

class Test: #where Test is an identifier

Rule to define or create an identifier

  1. You can use it to write an identifier

Alphabets (a – z / A – Z)

Digit (0 – 9)

Underscore ( _ )

  1. An identifier must start with alphabets or underscore
    1. Variable = 10
    2. _variable = 10
  2. It can’t start with number
    1. 123variable = 10
  3. It is case sensitive language
    1. total = 10
    2. Total = 20
    3. TOTAL = 30
  4. No length is a limitation for identifier
  5. Can’t define a keyword as an identifier


X à normal variable

_X à protected variable

__X à private variable

__X__ à magic variable

python Reserved words list/reserved keywords

Reserved keywords are:

True, False, None, and, or, not, is, if, else, elif, while, for, break, continue, return, in, yield, try, except, finally, raise, assert, import, from, as, class, def, pass, global, non local, lambda, def, with

  • Contain only alphabets
  • Except the following symbol contain only lower case (True, False, None)

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