Module: Equality Ally Strategies | Trailhead salesforce answers

Equality Ally Strategies | Trailhead Salesforce Answers

A. Understand the Meaning and Power of Allyship

Q.1 You’re an Equality ally if:

I) error you make a positive impact on someone else’s life
II) You don’t identify as a member of a group, but will join with them to suppo
III) You’re a supporter of the movement toward Equality for all.
IV) You’re the only person on your team from an underrepresented group.

Q.2 What is the best way to describe a microaggression?

I) errorA small meaningless comment or joke
II) Punching someone lightly on the arm.
III) A continually recurring comment that is harmful to a member of an underrepresented group.
IV) An infrequent comment or compliment.

Q.3 Which of these is a good example of the power of allyship?

I) You contribute to creating a more equal society and world for all.
II) You support the professional development of others.
III) You help others to be just like you.
IV) You believe in Equality.

B. Beginning Your Ally Journey

Q.1 The path to being an ally may include:

I) Bringing cupcakes to the next team event.
II) Telling everyone they’re a good ally.
III) Never saying the wrong thing to someone from an underrepresented group.
IV) Having empathy, good intentions, accountability, and forgiveness.

Q.2 Describe the difference between intention and impact:

I) The difference between what you meant or said versus how it was received
II) Being wrong versus being right.
III) Doing the right thing versus making a mistake)
IV) Having empathy versus sympathy

C. Learn How to Be a Successful Ally: Four Key Practices

Q.1 What are the 4 Equality ally practices?

I) Ask, listen, show up, learn
II) Ask, help, mentor, advocate
III) Ask, listen, show up, speak up
IV) Listen, show up, speak up, go home

Q.2 Which of these actions is something an Equality ally would do?

I) Ask others about their experience and share their own.
II) Listen only when it benefits them.
III) Show up to a birthday party.
IV) Speak up when they want to share their opinion.

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