Three use cases for Finance on the platform are:

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Three use cases for Finance on the platform are

Find Use Cases for the Platform

Learning Objectives

  • In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:
  • Depict test use cases for the platform.
  • Find purposes behind utilizing the platform across various divisions.

Different Uses for the Platform

In our DreamHouse story, we’re using Salesforce to help real estate agents sell houses better. However, you can re-try the stage to help in a lot of other business tasks, and not just for the Sales division. We ought to a few substitute ways you can develop Salesforce.

HR Can Use the Platform

Julian, who works in the DreamHouse HR office, is in a crisis. He has numerous applications coming in for some business openings. At whatever point up-and-comers are utilized, Julian requires to set up planning and submit hardware requests. This development makes a huge load of data, and Julian is endeavoring to direct everything.

D’Angelo to the rescue!

Using the Salesforce stage, D’Angelo can make a custom application that helps DreamHouse’s HR laborers smooth out and automate the utilizing and onboarding measures. Here are a couple of things the custom application can do.

  • Rundown business openings.
  • Store contender for every business opportunity.
  • Send robotized ideas to utilizing bosses.
  • Store course and getting ready plans.
  • Oversee equipment orders.
  • Track specialist personal time.

Like any application depending on the stage, the HR application D’Angelo makes is available for the Salesforce flexible application. That way, HR reps can direct competitors and as of late enrolled representatives whether reps are in the working environment or off at a choosing sensible. Cool!

IT Can Use the Platform

Over in IT, Regina is similarly feeling the utilization. She’s getting 1,000,000 IT tickets coming in reliably and everyone’s issues give off an impression of being basic. Who may she really search for assistance with this downpour of tickets?

You got it. Her cheerful neighborhood Salesforce head, D’Angelo.

Exactly when you collect your IT labeling system in a comparative spot as your CRM, you get a huge load of benefits. All of your customers and their information is currently there. You can follow cases per customer and advance joint exertion among IT and agents. Here are some substitute ways to deal with smoothing out IT using the Salesforce stage:

Make reports and dashboards to add up to and examine requests.

Send confirmation messages when sales are gotten, completed, or invigorated.

The line moving toward sales.

Make custom constructions for delegate requests and make a database for ordinary issues.

Track laborer hardware assets.

With streamlined IT measures, customers are more blissful and IT has greater freedom to collect an establishment instead of keeping an alternate structure.

Trailhead Salesforce Answers

A)When identifying processes to bring into Salesforce, look for:


B)Three use cases for Finance on the platform are:

I)Help desk, Pricing, Facilities management.
II)Vendor management, Transportation, Contract management.
III)Budget management, Pricing, Contract management.
IV)Identity management, Billing management, Budget management.
V)All of the above.

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