Three use cases for Finance on the platform are:

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Three use cases for Finance on the platform are

Find Use Cases for the Platform

Learning Objectives

  • In the wake of finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:
  • Depict test use cases for the platform.
  • Find purposes behind utilizing the platform across various divisions.

Different Uses for the Platform

In our DreamHouse story, we’re utilizing Salesforce to help realtors sell houses better. Yet, you can redo the platform to help in plenty of other business assignments, and not only for the Sales division. We should investigate a couple of alternate ways you can expand on Salesforce.

HR Can Use the Platform

Julian, who works in the DreamHouse HR office, is in an emergency. He has many applications coming in for many employment opportunities. Whenever candidates are employed, Julian needs to set up preparing and submit equipment demands. This movement makes a ton of information, and Julian is attempting to oversee everything.

D’Angelo to the salvage!

Utilizing the Salesforce platform, D’Angelo can make a custom application that helps DreamHouse’s HR workers smooth out and computerize the employing and onboarding measure. Here are a few things the custom application can do.

  • Rundown employment opportunities.
  • Store candidates for each employment opportunity.
  • Send robotized suggestions to employing chiefs.
  • Store direction and preparing plans.
  • Oversee hardware orders.
  • Track worker downtime.

Like any application based on the platform, the HR application D’Angelo makes is accessible for the Salesforce versatile application. That way, HR reps can oversee candidates and recently recruited employees whether reps are in the workplace or off at a selecting reasonable. Cool!

IT Can Use the Platform

Over in IT, Regina is likewise feeling the consumption. She’s getting 1,000,000 IT tickets coming in consistently and everybody’s issues appear to be critical. Who might she actually look for help with this deluge of tickets?

You got it. Her cordial neighborhood Salesforce administrator, D’Angelo.

At the point when you assemble your IT tagging framework in a similar spot as your CRM, you get a ton of advantages. Every one of your clients and their data is now there. You can follow cases per client and advance joint effort among IT and representatives. Here are some alternate approaches to smooth out IT utilizing the Salesforce platform:

Make reports and dashboards to total and investigate demands.

Send affirmation messages when solicitations are gotten, finished, or refreshed.

Line approaching solicitations.

Make custom structures for representative asks for and make an information base for normal issues.

Track worker equipment resources.

With a smoothed out IT measures, clients are more joyful and IT has more opportunity to assemble a foundation as opposed to keeping a different framework.

You Can Use the Platform

At this point, you’re most likely getting a few thoughts for ventures of your own. Here are a couple of utilization cases for various divisions.

For representatives who work in… Customize the platform for…

  • Account
  • Budget the executives
  • Agreement the executives
  • Evaluating
  • Item
  • Guarantee the board
  • Pre-production testing
  • Item thoughts and advancement
  • Store network
  • Acquisition
  • Merchant the executives
  • Coordinations
  • Operations
  • Resource and offices the executives
  • Consolidation and securing enablement
  • Business readiness

In case you’re searching for more motivation, look at a portion of the manners in which Salesforce clients are utilizing the platform in the assets segment.


Salesforce Platform App Idea Guide

Salesforce Platform Customer Showcase

Trailhead Salesforce Answers

A) When identifying processes to bring into Salesforce, look for:


B) Three use cases for Finance on the platform are:

I) Help desk, Pricing, Facilities management
II) Vendor management, Transportation, Contract management
III) Budget management, Pricing, Contract management
IV) Identity management, Billing management, Budget management
V) All of the above

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