When identifying processes to bring into Salesforce, look for:

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Salesforce Platform Basics 

When identifying processes to bring into Salesforce

Find Use Cases for the Platform

Learning Objectives

  • Subsequent to finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:
  • Depict test use cases for the platform.
  • Find purposes behind utilizing the platform across various divisions.

High Impact, Low Effort

The stage makes you move rapidly. A piece of that speed comes from displacing endeavors you’re familiar with doing by hand with more streamlined cycles. So we should stop momentarily to examine a couple of various ways the Salesforce stage can revive your business.

Exactly when you’re figuring out how to develop the stage, the central things you need to deal with are projects that have a gigantic impact yet are not hard to execute. While that sounds confident, the stage gives you heaps of opportunity to advance huge changes with irrelevant endeavors.

We ought to think about a model from DreamHouse. Michelle and her fellow agents routinely use email to discuss explicit properties. Sometimes, Michelle participates in different strings discussing a comparative property and that can get overwhelming. Between every one of the messages, nuances get lost. Additionally, when experts overlook a detail, they can leave behind an arrangement or submit a blunder that impacts the buyer.

Michelle looking overpowered by messages.

So how does the Salesforce stage help this issue? Undoubtedly, for DreamHouse Realty, D’Angelo made a custom Property object, which we found in the last unit. Each time you make a custom article, you naturally get something many allude to as Chatter feed following. Chatter feed following gives a way to various people to comment and cooperate on a particular record. The discussions and decisions are taken care of on the record so everyone can keep alert to date on huge decisions. As of now Michelle and her experts don’t have to use email any more for their discussions about a specific property.

A representation of a Chatter post to collaborate on a specific property.

By making a singular custom article, you can absolutely change how your affiliation cooperates. The high impact, low effort. As you start working with the stage, look out for measures with:

• Weighty email joint exertion

• Dependence on accounting pages

• Shared area reports

• Time-heightened, repetitive manual advances

• Effect a few divisions (you need to restrict the quantity of accomplices while you’re really learning)

• Cycles with these characteristics are staggering opportunities for early undertakings on the Salesforce stage.

Trailhead Salesforce Answers

A)When identifying processes to bring into Salesforce, look for:

I)Manual processes with numerous steps
II)Email-driven processes
III)Teams using spreadsheets to run the business
IV)Documents shared on local directories
V)All of the above

B)Three use cases for Finance on the platform are:


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