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Salesforce Lightning Experience

Records and Contacts

  • Get the most recent news for your customers with incorporated Twitter and News
  • Work more intelligent and keep your data clean with field-level copy coordinating
  • Find significant data effectively with a format planned explicitly for fast reference
  • Survey past and forthcoming exercises initially

Rundown Views

Rundown sees permit you to see records that are critical to you. Utilizing channels, you and your agents can make redid arrangements of records, contacts, openings, or different records in Salesforce. For instance, a salesman can make a rundown perspective on promising circumstances they own and add a channel on the sum, to help them locate their greatest arrangements in the pipeline.

However, with Lightning Experience, the list sees something beyond segments of text. Catalyst your salesperson profitability with a list see diagrams, permitting them to imagine their data graphically with a convenient outline, all made on the fly without an administrator’s assistance.

  • Picture data in seconds with a list see graphs
  • Rapidly make channels to cut your data how you need
  • Use type-ahead pursuit to locate a most loved rundown see quick
  • Rundown Views

Agents can utilize the Opportunity Kanban, a representation apparatus for promising circumstances, to survey bargains coordinated by each stage in the pipeline. With intuitive usefulness, salespeople can move bargains starting with one phase and then onto the next, and get customized alarms on key arrangements in flight.

  • Imagine your arrangements at each stage in the business cycle
  • Move bargains between stages utilizing simplified usefulness
  • Set up cautions to advise you when activity is required on a key arrangement
  • Rapidly make channels to cut your data how you need
  • Board

Reports and Dashboards

Utilizing Lightning Experience, agents will adore the capacity to make their own channels on reports, and administrators will value the dashboard supervisor, with traversing segments and an adaptable design, permitting you to put more dashboard parts (graphs) in various sizes on a solitary dashboard.

  • Make channels for reports
  • Make outwardly magnificent dashboards utilizing adaptable format and traversing segments
  • Access significant data effectively, with auto-shrouded subtleties on-grid reports and the capacity to conceal aggregates and subgroups on the report run page

Lightning Experience Basics: Get to Know Lightning Experience

A) Salesforce organizes your data into:

Trailhead Salesforce Answers

B) Salesforce customer success platform:

Trailhead Salesforce Answers

C) Salesforce Lightning Experience:

I) Is available only on mobile devices.
II) Is optimized with flexible, interactive tools that sales reps can use to visualize data on the fly.
III) Never strikes in the same place twice.
IV) Is optimized to be a fast and lightweight tool for your sales reps.

[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”Show Answers” collapse_text=”Close Answer” ] Answer: II) Is optimized with flexible, interactive tools that sales reps can use to visualize data on the fly. [/bg_collapse]

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