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Salesforce customer success platform

Introducing Lightning Experience

Welcome to Lightning Experience! Lightning Experience is an advanced, beneficial client experience intended to help your outreach group close more arrangements and sell quicker and more intelligently.

Salesforce application

At the point when we’re looking at Lightning Experience, we’re discussing pages in Salesforce upgraded for deals use. We’re discussing new highlights that help your salespeople center around the correct arrangements and the correct exercises, each time they sign into Salesforce. We’re talking about adaptable, intelligent devices that the agent can use to picture data on the fly and work bargains in flight.

Why We Built Lightning Experience

So why the name “Lightning?” Well, think briefly about real lightning, the caring you see during a tempest. Consider how quickly it strikes—in the event that you flicker, you may miss it. Consider how excellent it is—lightning can be dazzling to see. At long last, consider how special every lightning jolt is—no two are the equivalent.

Opportunity Workspace

On the off chance that you recollect the definitions that we investigated toward the beginning of this unit, openings are drives that are able purchased. Whenever your salespeople click on a chance, they’ll see an incredible workspace where they can complete stuff rapidly and center their energy around selling.

Enter the chance workspace. Here, your business cycle becomes the dominant focal point, with redid instructing contents for each stage in the business interaction, initially bits of knowledge and movement timetable, and the capacity to make records rapidly with fewer snaps.

View an adaptable features board moored at the highest point of the record, to grandstand key subtleties

Utilize the helpful writer to rapidly log calls, make assignments, send messages, and that’s just the beginning

  • Get key instructing subtleties with adaptable deals and ways to help your business interaction
  • See an abundance of data utilizing Quick View, while never leaving the chance page
  • Add related records, similar to contacts, in setting
  • Opportunity Workspace

Module: Lightning Experience Features

A) Salesforce organizes your data into:

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B) Salesforce customer success platform:

I) Doesn’t include mobile access.
II) Includes standard objects and a platform to deliver a personalized experience.
III) Requires software installation to use.
IV) Is for CRM use cases only.

C) Salesforce Lightning Experience:

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