module: Impact of Unconscious Bias | Trailhead salesforce answers

Impact Of Unconscious Bias | Trailhead Salesforce Answers

A. Understand the Impact of Unconscious Bias on Employee Performance

Q.1)What is bias?

I)A way to measure emotional intelligence
II)Something that can only be unconscious
III)Prejudice in favor or against one thing, person, or group
IV)A way of making a company diverse

Q.2)Unconscious bias is:

I)Something we can change easily
II) Something we need to make a conscious effort to mitigate
III)Not really all that harmful to people
IV)Something that hasn’t been studied yet

Q.3)What can you do to mitigate unconscious bias?

I)Rely on your impulses and assumptions
II)Favor certain people who look and act like you
III)Understand when we are relying on our impulses driven by unconscious bias and challenge those impulses
IV)Refrain from actively including others

B. Recognize Bias in the Workplace

Q.1)Which of these is an example of how to mitigate unconscious bias?

I)Not having a diverse set of candidates
II)Not using criteria consistently when evaluating performance
III)Wanting to work with people ‘just like you
IV)Using objective criteria in your recruiting and hiring process

QN.2)What can we do to mitigate bias and increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

I)challenge our own unconscious bias
II)Do whatever we did in the past because our past experience informs our current beliefs and actions
III)Refer to news and social media
IV)There is no way to mitigate bias

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