When you want to find an app after you install it, what should you enter in the Quick Find box in Setup?

Power Up with AppExchange – Salesforce Platform Basics 

Learning Objectives

  • Subsequent to finishing this unit, you’ll have the option to:
  • Build up your own AppExchange methodology.
  • Install an application from AppExchange.

Install Your First App

While AppExchange resembles a standard application store like you can find on your phone or tablet, it’s fundamental to remember that your Salesforce association is a tangled environment. You can’t just introduce an application considering the way that it has a cool logo or a convincing articulation.

So what’s the right strategy to introduce an application? We’ll show you!

Assume you track down this unprecedented application on AppExchange that gives you an extreme plan of dashboards for your association.

The AppExchange Dashboard Pack’s AppeExchange page.

To introduce the application, click Get It Now. This catch takes you to the establishment wizard that guides you through the methods. Here are two key requests you need to answer during the establishment connection:

Where do I introduce the application, creation or sandbox? At the point when everything is said in done, it’s a best practice to at first introduce applications in a nonproduction environment like a sandbox or Developer Edition association. Testing the application initially energizes you keep an essential separation from conflicts in progress with things like article names.

Would it be a smart thought for me to give application approvals to overseers just, all customers, or unequivocal profiles? That depends upon who the application is for. In case you need to limit permission to a particular course of action of customers, plan to change those customer profiles before you introduce the application.

Where’d My App Go?

Well done! You’ve introduced your first application. As of now, if nobody yet you could find it…

Applications are introduced using something many allude to as a pack. To find the group:

From Setup, search and select Installed Packages in the Quick Find box.

Snap the name of the group you introduced. It will be a comparable name to the AppExchange download page.

Snap View Components to see more information about the group. The Package Details page shows you all of the fragments, including custom fields, custom things, and Apex classes in the group. This information makes you choose if you have any disputes in your own customizations.

Some Final Thoughts

As you research AppExchange, make sure to take a gander at free applications given by Salesforce Labs. The uncommon thing about Salesforce Labs applications, other than that they’re free, is that they’re open source. You can change them relying upon the circumstance and look in the motor to see how they work. It’s a unimaginable technique to concentrate how the stage capacities.

Examining discovering more, this module has given you an inconceivable foundation for bouncing further into the Salesforce stage. Take a gander at the resources under for some likely resulting stages in your trip. Cheerful way!


  • AppExchange
  • Salesforce Admins Blog: Create an AppExchange Strategy

Questions: Trailhead Salesforce Answers

A) When you’re getting started with AppExchange, a best practice is to:

To get the answer click here…

B) When you want to find an app after you install it, what should you enter in the Quick Find box in Setup?

1. Installed Apps
2. Installed Packages
3. Installed Components
4. Installations
5. Apps

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