Python Data Types

All variables in the Python Language are identified to a value, these values are classified into numerics, alphabets, alphanumerics, and more. This classification serves a specific function according to its types. Hence, the Python Data types

Python Data Types

A Python Data Type is the classification of values to variables that states the mathematical, alphabetical, or logical operation to be carried out in the computer without the interpreter returning error feedback.

Python Data Types

In Python, there are five standard data types in the following categories

  1. Numbers
  1. Sequence type
  1. Boolean
  1. Set type
  1. Dictionary…

By now you’re fit for some deeper topics in Python, that’s why I’m relentless. You should know about the Python Numbers

Python Numbers

Python is a high-level programming language, which means that it’s easily understood by human beings compared to the low-level Languages which are computer-based. As a high-level language program, it uses a special set of numbers to give instructions that affect the purpose of the programmer. In this article, you’ll understand the Python Numbers, what they are, the Python number types, and their uses. You’ll also learn the Python Numbers conversion with some basic operators for Python integers, and also the major built-in functions for explicit conversions…

Time will fail me boosting your morale, maybe you’ve been told that you can’t meet in the python Language programming. But the good news is that it takes a few hours to understand the python Program. However, that’s measured by your focus. Are you focused?

One more, you’ll be so proud you took the time to read the Python String

Python Strings

Python will be of no use without the Datatype. Python Data Types are classified into five categories which are: Numbers, Sequence, Boolean, Set, and Dictionary. From sequence type, we’ll be handling Python Strings, the  Python String literal, Python quotes, and also assigning python strings to variables.

That’s not all, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to access Python String elements and you’ll be enlightened on how to update python String to a new value. In conclusion, you’ll be given some basic python String operators.

These and many more reads await you. However, the one goal is to land at the Python Tutorials. Before you arrive, you must first do the prerequisites

Python Boolean

In reality, decision-making is based on two answers which are Yes or No. And these two depend on how the preceding logical expressions were perceived; True or False whether serious or casual. This same logic applies to Python. In Python, you must Confirm a logic to be True or False and that is what the Python Boolean is all about. In three minutes read, you’ll have a clear and solid head start on:

  • What is Python Boolean?
  • True Boolean
  • False Boolean
  • Boolean Expression and Variable
  • Operations on python Boolean

At the end of this article, you’ll be all python up for your python get started

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