Top Salesforce Trends that Will Grow Your Business

Excerpt: Are you also someone looking for some better and latest trends ideas for your business? Then you end up at the right place. You can drive your business as you want; however, it is harder to challenge the competitor without having enough technology trends. So, to cope with this challenge, you can go with Salesforce trends to leverage your business.

Image: Top Salesforce Trends That Will Grow Your Business In 2022


Salesforce has released some amazing and innovative trends to line up your teamwork to strategically enhance collaboration, Orchestration, and automation. Salesforce has kept evolving since it was founded and is marking a tremendous footprint in the digital world. You can use these Top Salesforce trends to meet the changing demand of the customer and users to provide proper satisfaction and establish invaluable connections with them. Many businesses and organizations have implemented it to minimize their effort and time with extra profit and a well-reputed position in the digital market.

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Table of Contents: 

  • Introducing Salesforce
  • Salesforce trends for strengthening business
  • Top Salesforce trends to follow in 2022
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusion

Introducing Salesforce:

Salesforce is the number #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform in the world. It helps in marketing, sales, commerce, service, and teamwork even from remote locations so that you can manage and provide your customers the best services with the best continuity. The CRM platform brings the customers and companies together with the connected customized applications and different innovative trends to engage many customers and get digitally faster with your empowered team of the business. 

This can be the most common question, why use only Salesforce to grow our business? And we agree with you that is why we bring top benefits you can grab from this CRM platform to enrich your business faster and profitably.

  • Creates a more customer-centric platform: To strongly implement the customer-centric, you must know your intended customer’s preference and their requirement for what reason they are connected with you. You can utilize several tools to target the varieties of audiences with varieties of demand and needs. This platform enables a crystal-clear relationship with the customer by:
  1. Securing all the authentic data in a single place allows better management.
  2. Provide a single view of the audience for multiple functional insights
  3. Proactive services
  4. And the dashboard provides the visual display of the data in action.
  • Actionable Data Dashboard: You can establish a customized dashboard for every customer individually to switch their insight into action. This helps you in figuring out the important requirements, historical context, and proper insight into customer relationships. Like a director of marketing is much interested in the email marketing metrics, then he/she can analyze the immediate response, the number of sent mails, no. of audiences opened, etc., only by setting up customized dashboards.
  • Enable optimized processes: Automation is the best benefit the Salesforce CRM platform offers to the users, for example, scoring the lead by pre-fixed custom parameters with built-in AI, customer-centric experience, better prioritizing the marketing, sales, and e-commerce, etc. Since the management and insights will be cleaned, the marketer, sellers, and the other service agents can properly target their specific work with good focus.
  • Simplified Collaboration: With the help of built-in collaboration tools like sales quotes, people can work on a single file or document simultaneously and follow that file’s progress. The response from the business on any file or document is very quick to the customer’s request. Similarly, numerous tools like this can simplify your collaboration and enhance the productivity of the business.
  • Time Management: Time is one of the precious earned entities in today’s busy world. With the best strategy and planning, you can prioritize your work for the clients and organize the tasks for different accounts. With the help of a built-in calendar tool from the CMR platform, you can better visualize the schedule for the day, month, week, or year. By doing such great time management, you will never distract from your path and will constantly stay connected you’re your business objective.

If your company is also one of those companies that fall in the category of work-from-home landscape and facing challenges to manage the system, facilitating collaboration outside, and establishing customer relationships, then you should adopt these trends, which are amazingly impacting several big companies.

After knowing about Salesforce and its benefits, here we are presenting some of the top Salesforce trends for 2022, which will result in valuable collaboration and orchestration in your business growth.

  1. Health Cloud 2.0: This is widely used and stayed at the most profitable level of the trend. Due to the pandemic, a massive number of people have lost their closest one due to a lack of resources and fast technology somewhere. However, this is a life-saving solution for everyone. Health Cloud 2.0 is developed to maintain safety protocols. It is designed to make the companies pre-ready for any pandemic like COVID-19 with enhanced features of vaccination management, contract tracing, and wellness assessments. It ensures the safety of every in-person attendee by managing the proof of vaccines, testing vendors, and delivering automated personalized communication. It also provides appropriate care from the best healthcare organizations with personalized patient experiences and hybrid healthcare experiences. It brings the required care team together to achieve a better result for the patient. In this way, it also helps the business in improving its productivity and public health care operation. The reason for designing such a technology is to keep the business away from the impact of any unhealthy pandemic or trouble maintaining your business’s speed, productivity, and operations.
  1. Hyperforce: This Salesforce trend enables companies to mobilize the power of the public cloud. The new digital generation is empowered by cloud technology because it is helping business to improve and extend their data storage requirement quickly. It offers several innovative tools by which you can meet local data storage needs by utilizing software development operations, deployment strategy, and appropriate securities practices. The regional cloud architecture enables faster company performance and visualizes the shorter routes for the connection between intended users and data centers that help in enhancing the user experience. The Hypeforce adds up the quickness and flexibility of a public cloud to the business by reducing the implementation times in the deployment of resources in the public cloud. Hyperforce is currently available in India and Australia for Salesforce Core Services. The objective of Salesforce is to host Hyperforce in 10 countries by the end of 2022. This trend is continuously impacting the growth and improvement of the business.
  1. Slack First Customer 360: The collaborative platforms have increased with high speed after the COVID crisis. It makes companies and organizations function virtually without affecting their work. It makes the professionals and administrators proceed with their business and interact with their intended end-users from a decentralized platform. The Slack First Customer 360 works much like a collaborative system that enables the users to interact, establish valuable connections, and undertake the operations of the business using Salesforce’s tools and applications used with slacks. Providing a centralized user experience enables several organizations and expertise teams to collaborate, especially sales, marketing, and services teams. Looking at the collaborative platforms and the trends, the salesforce has adopted the slack technique in 2020 to make it the CRM platforms’ top priority. And by experiencing the transformation of companies and organizations from the traditional way of working to remote working and setting up the hybrid workplace, the salesforce has contributed and provided the organization with a better, easier, and more effective platform for automating their daily business process in a much easier and precise manner.
  1. Salesforce Flow Orchestrator: Orchestration is the process that enables multiple series of tasks to work together. The workflow in the business is becoming a challenge to maintain as the number of records is increasing at a high rate. And this bad workflow is resulting in miscalculation, misplaced revenue, reduced customer satisfaction, unnecessary delays, and unproductivity. To avoid all these issues, Salesforce has developed the Flow Orchestrator. This helps to empower the administrator to configure, deploy, and automate commercial enterprise techniques at more speed. It automates the workflow with a click instead of writing plenty of codes for it. In this way, this also saves your time, money, and effort. The Flow orchestrator automates the experience of a single user by allowing new capabilities to expand the impact of your business workflow. The user can be provided with the best adequate context, and the administrator can track and analyze the multiple workflows for getting a better result. By implementing this trend in your business, productivity and flexibility can be improved. This technology can be used for the client delivery process in a specific order. The tech-based companies are using this technology for four main benefits, which are fast-speed software development based on workflow, batch process daily transactions, managing several servers and applications, and data analytics.
  1. Salesforce Einstein: The importance and impact of Artificial Intelligence have increased significantly. These innovative technologies enable digital tools to understand the concept and work like humans. This reduces the effort, time, and extra money in the business. So to utilize this AI better, Salesforce has developed the AI component Einstein. It allows the users to determine the data, predict the behavior of the customers and drive valuable insight from the database. You can also use this tool to increase speed and precision by not repeating the process of business again and again. Since AI is included in this technology, you don’t need to worry about the mistakes, customer experience, reputation, and efforts of the company’s employees. Several Salesforce app exchange partners are inspired to develop some more innovative tools to optimize the ability of Salesforce Einstein in making the business process easier and more efficient. Due to its tremendous results in companies and businesses, it’s predicted that the relevance of Salesforce Einstein will increase by 2022.
  1. Salesforce Blockchain: The significance of blockchain technology has been enhanced since 2021, and it is expected that a big transformation will be seen in this by the end of 2022. The Salesforce blockchain provides a low code platform for the users to exchange their data across a trusted network of Salesforce partners and any third party. The use of blockchain is not limited to cryptocurrency. Yet it offers an appropriate environment for a smooth workflow, application, software development, and blockchain networks. The main objective behind the development of this technology is to allow the highly secure platform to the users for storing records, sensitive data, and information without any concern regarding time, money, and extra effort. Storing the data in a secure place reduces the security management effort of the company and saves the expenditure of the resources intended for security purposes. It also reduces the inefficiency of tracking, tracing, and verifying the data from the multiple partners of Salesforce across the network. You can easily build customer trust in your business and increase productivity and revenue from this effective Salesforce trend.


What is the scope of Salesforce developers in the future?

With the continued implementation of the Salesforce trends in companies, it has become the world’s no 1 CRM platform. And along with this, it has grown as an in-demand job skill. The demand of Salesforce developers, administrators, and analysts is increasing every year across the world, and in the future, it will be reached at the level of AI and Cloud computing demand these days.  

The Final Takeaway

These were some most amazing Salesforce trends. Look out for 2022 to enhance your business growth with better customer experience and productivity. However, to become a salesforce trends user, you must be well-versed in these trends and their functionality for better results. The use of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing has made it more relevant with quite a complex procedure. Using this CRM platform for optimizing your business is the very best choice for a low-budget frame.

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