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Sustainable Design:

a.Understand Sustainable Business

Qn.1)The concept of shareholder primacy is the idea that a business’s only responsibility is to which stakeholder?

II)The community
IV)The environment
[showhide type=”post1″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= I)Shareholders [/showhide]

Qn.2)Which of these concepts claim business should benefit customers, suppliers, employees, communities, and shareholders?

I)Stakeholder capitalism
II)Shareholder primacy
III)Congregation of human beings
[showhide type=”post2″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= I)Stakeholder capitalism[/showhide]

b.Take on Sustainable Design Challenges

Qn.1)Why should the practice of design be concerned with sustainable business practices?

I)They’re trendy.
II)It’s important to stay relevant and aligned with business’s top priorities.
III)Design is well suited to solving big challenges.
IV)A and B
V)B and C
[showhide type=”post3″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= V)B and C[/showhide]

Qn.2)Why should design matter to business leaders who place a strategic priority on sustainability?

I)Design helps build the case for action.
II)Design provides repeatable, proven processes for innovation.
III)Design makes things prettier and shinier.
IV)A and B
V)A and C
[showhide type=”post4″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= IV)A and B[/showhide]

c.Use Design Principles to Build a Sustainable World

Qn.1)What design principles can you follow to support sustainability?

I)Tell clear stories; resist abstraction.
II)Design with intention; consider consequence
III)Ignore the social consequences of our designs.
IV)A and B
V)B and C
[showhide type=”post5″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= IV)A and B[/showhide]

2What are ways you can design for full product lifecycles?

I)Include sustainability as a product feature
II)Use as much unrecyclable plastic as possible
III)Extend the journey map to include disposal and reuse
IV)A and B
V)A and C
[showhide type=”post6″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= V)A and C[/showhide]

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