Module: Best Practices for Sustainable Design

Best Practices For Sustainable Design

a. Incorporate Sustainability from the Start

Qn.1)Why is it important to understand the sustainable issues that are material to the specific industry we work in?

I)Those issues vary by industry.
II)Design should strive to align with strategically important issues.
III)Our personal passions are paramount in our design work.
IV)A and B
V)B and C
[showhide type=”post1″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= IV)A and B [/showhide]

Qn.2)What are some simple ways to include sustainability in our journey maps?

I)Give consumers the option to opt-out of the sustainable purchase choice
II)Extend the bounds of the maps to include both sourcing and disposal.
III)Consider options for connecting consumers with the source of our products.
IV)All of the above
[showhide type=”post2″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= IV)All of the above [/showhide]

b. Document Assumptions and Impact

Qn.1)Challenging a team’s assumptions about sustainability and past approaches result in?

I)New opportunities to improve the sustainable impact of our designs
II)A productive review of previously unquestioned business-as-usual approaches
III)Conflict not worth raising
IV)More business as usual
V)A and B
[showhide type=”post3″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= V)A and B [/showhide]

Qn.2)Uncovering orders of impact and scanning for consequences make our designs more.

V)All of the above
[showhide type=”post4″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= V)All of the above [/showhide]

c. Apply Green UX Principles

Qn.1)What is a strategy for designing software to consume less energy?

I)Minimize network traffic
II)Minimize users.
III)Minimize compute cycles.
IV)A and C
V)B and C
[showhide type=”post5″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= IV)A and C [/showhide]

Qn.2)Which of these is a way to apply the principles of green UX?

I)Be intentional about what needs to be updated automatically.
II)Ensure the most important information is displayed in a prominent place
III)Use RGB 11 102 35 as much as possible
IV)A and B
V)B and C
[showhide type=”post6″ more_text=”Show Answer” less_text=”Hide Answer”]answer= IV)A and B [/showhide]

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