Module: CRM for Lightning Experience | Trailhead Salesforce answers

Module: CRM For Lightning Experience

A.Get Started with Salesforce CRM

Qn.1)Salesforce organizes your data into:

I)Objects and records, like tabs and rows on a spreadsheet.
II)Objects and fields, like columns on a spreadsheet.
III)Fields and records, like different databases.
IV)Objects and spreadsheets, like columns in a database

Qn.2)Salesforce customer success platform:

I)Doesn’t include mobile access.
II)Includes standard objects and a platform to deliver a personalized experience
III)Requires software installation to use
IV)Is for CRM use cases only.

Qn.3)Salesforce Lightning Experience:

I)Is available only on mobile devices.
II)Is optimized with flexible, interactive tools that sales reps can use to visualize data on the fly.
III)Never strikes in the same place twice
IV)Is optimized to be a fast and lightweight tool for your sales reps.

B.Navigate Around

Qn.1)The navigation bar in Salesforce:

I)Expands when you hover over it.
II)Gives your sales reps an easy way to access standard sales objects like accounts, reports, and notes.
III)Helps administrators customize important pages in SalesforcV)
IV)Shows all the standard and custom objects in your organization.

Qn.2)With the App Launcher, your users can:

I)Sync their apps, bookmarks, and other settings across devices.
II)Download and install Salesforce platform apps.
III)Access all standard, custom, and connected apps in your organization.
IV)See only their most recently used apps.

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