Module: Trailhead Playground Management “Answers”

Trailhead Playground Management

A. Create a Trailhead Playground

Q.1)How do you create your first Trailhead playground?

I)You email Trailhead support.
II)You don’t. We create it for you!
III)You sign up for a new Developer Edition org.
IV)You complete a hands-on challenge.

Q.2)What’s one reason to use a Developer Edition org instead of a Trailhead playground?

I)You have an existing Developer Edition org.
II)You don’t want to go through the effort of making a Trailhead playground.
III)You’re new to Trailhead.
IV)You’re a developer.

B. Get Your Trailhead Playground Username and Password

Q.1)In which of these scenarios do you need to know your Trailhead playground username and password?

I) To authorize your org for use with the Salesforce CLI
II)To log in to Trailhead
III)To complete a hands-on challenge
IV)To complete a multiple-choice quiz

Q.2)When should you change your username in a Trailhead Playground?

I)When you don’t like the animal it references
II)When you want to make it easier to remember
IV)Every full moon

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